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What is TanCloud?

TanCloud is TanCloud Enterprise and TanCloud Cloud which we launched based on Apache HertzBeat (incubating) and provides more features, higher performance, comprehensive security, and responsive support.


To start deploying TanCloud Enterprise Edition immediately, please refer to the Installation.

  • Combines monitoring, alarm, and notification features into one platform, and supports monitoring for web service, program, database, cache, os, webserver, middleware, bigdata, cloud-native, network, custom and more.
  • Easy to use and agentless, web-based and with one-click monitoring and alerting, zero learning curve.
  • Makes protocols such as Http, Jmx, Ssh, Snmp, Jdbc, Prometheus configurable, allowing you to collect any metrics by simply configuring the template YML file online. Imagine being able to quickly adapt to a new monitoring type like K8s or Docker simply by configuring online with HertzBeat.
  • Compatible with the Prometheus ecosystem and more, can monitoring what Prometheus can monitoring with few clicks on webui.
  • High performance, supports horizontal expansion of multi-collector clusters, multi-isolated network monitoring and cloud-edge collaboration.
  • Provides flexible alarm threshold rules and timely notifications delivered via Discord Slack Telegram Email Dingtalk WeChat FeiShu Webhook SMS ServerChan.
  • Provides powerful status page building capabilities, easily communicate the real-time status of your service to users.

  • Topology, large screen visualization and more features.
  • Higher performance, stronger capabilities.
  • Timely response support from professional teams.
  • Comprehensive security, actively respond to security vulnerabilities, quickly fix and support from the official team.

Cloud service support, no deployment required, ready to use out of the box. Start login for free.

Built on open source, our services are more recognized and trusted by developers.

Open source products are also being rapidly iterated, and welcome to join us in building an open source ecosystem for the project.