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TanCloud Enterprise Edition Private Deployment


We also provide a monitoring cloud service SAAS that is ready to use without deployment. Login to start for free

TanCloud Enterprise Edition supports deployment through Docker containers and installation packages, with CPU architecture support for X86/ARM64.

🍞 Quick deployment trial (non-production mode)

Quick installation via Docker

  1. Just one command to get started:

docker run -d -p 1157:1157 -p 1158:1158 --name tancloud tancloud/tancloud

or use (if dockerhub network connect timeout)

docker run -d -p 1157:1157 -p 1158:1158 --name tancloud

  1. Access http://localhost:1157 to start, default account: admin/hertzbeat

🍞 Production environment deployment

Unified installation of TanCloud+metadata database+time series database via Docker-Compose

You need to install docker and docker-compose environment in advance.

  1. Download the Docker-Compose deployment script to the host you want to deploy and unzip it. Download link
  2. Currently, there are two deployment schemes: tancloud-mysql-victoria-metrics and tancloud-postgresql-victoria-metrics. Choose one of them and enter the corresponding directory.
  3. Run docker-compose up -d to start all services.
  4. Access http://localhost:1157 in your browser to get started. The default account and password are admin/hertzbeat.

🍞 Register License

  1. Access the TanCloud Enterprise Edition login page you deployed to get the 24-character feature code of this system. For example: aTAYRdHF398LOZd44T4ebcG7.
  2. Apply for a trial or purchase an enterprise edition license, link.
  3. After successful application or purchase, you will receive a License Code in your email.
  4. Access the TanCloud Enterprise Edition login page you deployed in your browser, click License -> Activate Authorization -> Enter License Code -> Activate.
  5. After activation, you can view your license information in License -> View License.