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Collect and monitor the general performance Metrics of ElasticSearch

Configuration parameter

Parameter nameParameter help description
Monitoring HostMonitored IPV4, IPV6. Note⚠️Without protocol header (eg: https://, http://).
Monitoring nameIdentify the name of this monitoring. The name needs to be unique.
Monitoring portThe HTTP API port opened by Elasticsearch,default is 9200.
SSLWhether SSL is enabled for connecting to Elasticsearch.
Auth TypeAuthentication type,Optional.
Connect TimeoutSet the timeout for elasticsearch query, default is 6000 milliseconds.
Collection intervalInterval time of monitor periodic data collection, unit: second, and the minimum interval that can be set is 30 seconds.
Bind TagsUsed to classify and manage monitoring resources.
Description remarksFor more information about identifying and describing this monitoring, users can note information here.

Collection Metrics

Metrics Set:health

Metric nameMetric unitMetric help description
cluster_namenoneCluster Name
nodesnoneNumber of nodes in the cluster.
data_nodesnoneNumber of data nodes in the cluster.
active_primary_shardsnoneNumber of active shards on primary nodes.
active_shardsnoneNumber of active shards.
active_percentage%Active Percentage
initializing_shardsnoneNumber of initialized shards.
unassigned_shardsnoneNumber of unassigned shards.

Metrics Set:nodes

Metric nameMetric unitMetric help description
totalnoneNumber of nodes.
successfulnoneNumber of online nodes.
failednoneNumber of offline nodes.

Metrics Set:nodes_detail

Metric nameMetric unitMetric help description
node_namenoneNode Name
ipnoneIP Address
cpu_load_averagenoneCpu Load Average
cpu_percent%Cpu Percent
heap_usedMBHeap Used
heap_used_percent%Heap Used Percent
heap_totalMBHeap Total
disk_freeGBDisk Free
disk_totalGBDisk Total
disk_used_percent%Disk Used Percent